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"Only 3% of Websites on The Internet Are Making Huge Sales. The other 97% are spinning their wheels, doing poor sales. Is Your Website One of them? Learn how to build a website that sells"

You belong in the top 3%. I'll show you how to get there...

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Hint: It's all in your focus...

By: Glenn Coleman, Surgical Internet Marketer

Whether you are brand new to internet marketing world, running a one-person show, a small business, a website builder, a copywriter, or an owner of a retail store, you'll want to listen closely.

With so many new marketing technologies being hyped up on the internet, are you becoming overwhelmed trying to figure out:

  • What is real and what is hype?

  • What works and what doesn’t?

  • What is necessary or a waste of time/money?

Many hosting companies or "self proclaimed" marketing gurus claim to give you the ultimate solution on how to build a website that sells...

But then you get part way through building it, and suddenly you have to buy endless services, software, autoresponders, shopping carts, merchant accounts, pay-per-click keywords, RSS feeds, and so on, until it seems like a black hole sucking away all your money.

Meanwhile your website is idle or only trickling a few sales.

"It looked easy enough when you read their website sales pitch, but when you attempted to do it yourself, it was a whole other story!"

Building a website, and writing effective sales copy, isn't as easy as it looks, as you may have noticed.

Month after month goes by with people visiting your website, but people just keep passing through without buying, and you wonder what's wrong?

Does this sound familiar?

It’s the most common problem you'll face when attempting to build a website that generates real sales -- the type of sales that pays your rent, and feeds your family.

Do you feel like you are being held hostage, not able to make an educated decision about how to write the webcopy, which services are necessary, and which are not? Does your website resemble a ghost town with a few wanderers stumbling through?

Or did you buy every service under the sun, write copy loaded with all the best things internet marketing has taught you, get tons of traffic, and your site still seems like a hopeless sales machine, with visitors leaving before they signup or buy anything?

How come so many people say it's so easy?

Lets backup for a moment... If you want to build a new business in a retail market, would you run out and rent the first store-front space you could find, and get all the shevling and stuff you normally see in stores, load them with products, then after the fact figure out whether people are really interested in your products? Or move ahead without knowing how you intend to attract those customers who may be interested in buying your products?

This is the common pattern happening in internet sales. Do you think just because you can get a website hosting service for $20/month, and there are lots of products available, you can quickly setup a store and make lots of money?

Well some people may fluke out and be in the right place at the right time, with the right product, and be gifted at writing webcopy, but those are very rare cases.

This type of success happens .001% of the time, but is still the common message being spread on the internet -- get instant success overnight. Its like people are running mad in a gold rush.

Its easy to see why people have joined in this gold rush, afterall there are new products and methods everyday that are creating big success for those people who properly plan their business, and follow expert, sound marketing principles.

That's what seperates the 3% of sites that are doing booming sales, from the 97% that are slugging along with almost no sales.

Here is what a satisfied customer is saying:

These four words describe Glenn Coleman: "FOCUS ON WHAT COUNTS!". I've grown immensely in my understanding of what makes a successful website since following Glenn's methods for the past few months. With his laser focus and valuable advice I'm on my way to becoming an internet success!!

Joseph Browns, Toronto Ontario


With an ever increasing list of internet marketing products and services, the possibilities are endless where you could blow your hard earned money.

Add to this that most websites "sales processes" are flawed from day one, so barely stand a chance of making a sale because the site was built without expert knowledge of the basics of what makes an effective site.

I am here to bridge that gap between what the internet sales hype is telling you, and what really works. I rip apart ebooks, courses and hosting services, like a surgeon, and find out the truth beneath the surface.

There is nothing I enjoy more than hearing from you, telling me that you finally nailed the problem that was killing your sales -- and how easy it was.

There are thousands of things that can be done the wrong way on a website, that are magic buttons that turn your website into a Bermuda Triangle where suddenly your visitors just disappear without buying anything!

"But There are 3 things you can do to guarantee this won't happen..."

There is a simple formula that easily guarantees that your site won’t become a Bermuda Triangle, with all your customers disappearing.

You'll learn

  • How to rapidly identify whether a website has the 3 critical elements of a website that sells.

  • What it means to deliver a product that is so irresistible that people will buy even though they weren't at all interested before they came to your website.

  • What it really means to connect to your ideal customer, who is really hungry for your product, like a pool of sharks just waiting to grab the food thrown out in the water. You'll learn how to find these hungry customers.

  • How to write webcopy that keeps your customers riveted to the screen, following every action that you command.

  • You'll become the envy among your friends, by knowing this simple formula that easily identifies why a website won't sell.

No matter what level of experience you have with marketing, this formula will change the way you view websites and internet sales and increase your bottom line!

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